Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Speaking of Lunatics...

So. I hear there was a total eclipse of the moon last night. Unfortunately, it was completely overcast here at the Aerie and not one bit of it was visible. Terry got up at 3 AM to confirm that the clouds we had at 11 PM were still obscuring the view.

Lots of pictures online today from folks who were luckier than we were. Here's a bunch of nice ones: The total lunar eclipse in pictures

Then Shadow cat started her infernal yowling at 4:00 AM and forced me to get out of bed to feed her and her partners in crime. (Clouds still obscured the view of the moon.) Then, when I put the tuna and egg down for the three of them to eat, Shadow turned her nose up at it and stalked away. She's not a fan of Wegmans' brand of cat food. Ah well, more for Chester who just loves tuna in any form. Julie was lucky enough to finish hers before Chester had finished both his and Shadow's helpings.

Not satisfied with having dragged me out of bed, Shadow did her usual thing of going back to the closed bedroom door and yowling until Terry also came down stairs. At 5:15 AM.

The most annoying thing of all is that Shadow is the most antisocial of the three cats. Once she's gotten you out of bed and has been fed, she goes off to sleep in her bed--or any conveniently empty chair or box--and ignores you the rest of the day. In contrast Chester and Julie are all over Terry like white on rice all day long.

Anybody want a mostly black, pussy cat. Slightly used.

Naturally, around noon the skies cleared and the temperature rose to a whopping 30 degrees F in the afternoon. Currently (around 8 PM) the temperatures have dropped back to the low 20s and the skies remain clear. Should get to the low teens tonight. As for the remainder of the week there will be similar temperatures through Sunday. With a slight chance of some snow flurry activity on Thursday and Sunday.

Terry's heading into New Jersey for Christmas tomorrow. She'll has a couple of dates with her lady friends from SAGA and EGA lined up. I'll head in on Friday to meet her at my sister's house for Christmas Eve. Then we'll both go to Mom's house to await the arrival of my son Rick and his wife Sandy, who are flying in from Portland, Oregon, very, very early Christmas Day. They can't stay long as Sandy must be back to work on Monday morning.

I'll head back to the Aerie early Sunday morning while Terry stays with her Mom and Jessica through Monday. Terry's cousin Joe and his wife Pat will be dropping over on Monday. Terry will be coming back to the Aerie either late Monday or early Tuesday. Depends upon the weather and when Joe and Pat show up.

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