Monday, December 13, 2010

Look out! Here it comes!

It was 35.8 degrees just after midnight here on the Aerie's porch. Now it's 15.6 degrees and falling at 4 PM. The sky remains overcast and there have been snow flurries throughout the day. So much for our December thaw!

Accuhunch shows a large loop in the jet stream has made its way down the Mississippi to the southern tip of Florida. That promises to carry the frigid air far, far into Dixie so it may be time for you snowbirds to get your coats and sweaters out of mothballs--assuming you brought them south with you.


Rev. Paul said...

I doubt it's any consolation to you that we're even colder, with forecast highs barely above zero, later this week. Stay warm, friends.

joated said...

Could be worse. I saw where International Falls, MN was -27 degrees yesterday.