Thursday, December 09, 2010

Winter is definitely here.

First the good news: The wind stopped slowed. It no longer howls through the trees around the Aerie. Nor does it make the whole house creak and groan as the logs put up a valiant fight against the forces of the north.

Now the bad:

When we went to bed last night the temperature was already down to 20 degrees. It had never gotten above 25 all day, however, so that was no real surprise. This morning's low at 7:30 AM was just 10.4 degrees.

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When we went to sleep last night there was a forecast for flurries but nothing was showing on the radar over at This morning we had another 2 inches of snow on the deck. That's close to six inches since Monday.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Worse news:

There's a coastal storm on its way Sunday that could bring snow, sleet, or freezing rain to our neck of the woods. The forecasted track will put us in warmer temperatures but right on the edge of the rain/snow line. Could be worse. Syracuse has four (4) FEET of snow on the ground since Monday.

Even worser news:

Once the storm passes, we'll be thrust back into the deep freeze with temperatures dropping down into the single digits and winds in the 20-30 mph range.


Rev. Paul said...

If you guys persist in having Anchorage-like temps, then you might as well move on up here. (hint, hint)

joated said...

Paul, We couldn't afford to do it either for fiscal reasons or for the emotional ones of all that winter dark.

threecollie said...

Not looking forward to the weekend and then more cold on the other side.ugh

Rev. Paul said...

Joated, I understand. It's a major undertaking. I had to give it a shot, though. :)