Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Hawk Howls

The Hawk (aka the Wind) has been howling around the Aerie the last few days. Officially it's been around 15-20 mph with gusts reaching the 35-40 mph range. Add the low temperatures (Monday's HIGH was just 30 degrees while Tuesday's was a mere 26) and it's been pretty damn cold outside.

All that wind coming out of the north-northwest off lakes Erie and Ontario have been producing considerable lake effect snow. Some areas near Buffalo, NY and Erie,PA have had over a foot of the white stuff. We here at the Aerie have had some snow squalls and flurries but not to the extend that others residing within the path of the bands have had. [UPDATE: It is reported that Randolph, NY has set a new record for snow: FOUR (4) FEET.]

Terry had to go east-northeast to Sayre, PA today for a doctors appointment and spoke with some folks from east of there who reported plows out on I-86 (the old Route 17) east of Tioga Downs to Binghamton, NY near the I-81 corridor. Several inches in an hour coupled with the wind were producing whiteout conditions.

The wind is supposed to die down in a day or so and things should get calmer. Still, the cold temperatures will remain. It should be 10 to 15 degrees below average through the weekend.

Not sure if a White Christmas is a dream or a nightmare at this point.


Rev. Paul said...

Your forecast there looks just about like ours, for the next several days, although I wouldn't be surprised if you get more snow. We're in-between fronts right now.

joated said...

How much snow WE get is up in the air. lake effect comes in bands and is not front related. One town, or swath can get a foot but five miles to the side there will be nothing. So far, we've been in the near-to-nothing zone with only our altitude producing a wee bit more.