Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh crud!

The storm that had three possible paths up the coast--far out to sea (fairly likely and producing little accumulation), a little closer (more likely with a couple of inches of snow possible) and smack dab up the sand (least likely but most threatening)--has chosen the latter.

Instead of a small to moderate snow event, we're looking at a blizzard warning in NYC that may bring 10 to 15 inches of snow and strong winds. Since Mom's home is east of the NJ Parkway and close to the city, it will be a real bitch. Snow may also spread west through the Poconos and beyond. There's some thought there may be 4 plus inches at the Aerie.

Terry and I will be bugging out of Linden soon. Jessica left for work at The Mall but expects that there may be an early closing as weather deteriorates. Rick and Sandy have an early Monday morning flight out of JFK airport back to Portland.

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Rev. Paul said...

Good luck at getting out before things go south - and drive safely.