Wednesday, December 01, 2010



Not long after I posted about the warm, rainy weather, the wind shifted (at least I think it did--the clouds preclude my seeing the windmills across the way) and the temperature started to fall. By 10:30 it was under 40 degrees and the rain was mixing with first sleet then snow. By noon it was 36 and all snow. The Elmira station weather dude is saying we may get a couple of inches before it ends late this afternoon/early this evening. The front deck is already covered.

December is making one heck of an entrance!

At least I'm not in Spokane, Washington where they got 5 inches of snow over night---on top of the 25 inches that were already on the ground. Too much, too soon.

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Rev. Paul said...

Oh, pshaw: there's no such thing as too much snow. Is there?