Tuesday, September 06, 2011

THE Clam Bake: Part 1

Bruce and Sue have nearly an acre and a half of land and while a third is dedicated to the house and small barn as well as a couple of huge vegetable gardens, the rest is an open pine grove ideal for picnicking and camping. The family is a large one (both Sue and Bruce have numerous siblings) and a gathering requires plenty of space and preparation. We were told that this was a small group compared to some years yet there were still approximately 75 folks there.

Saturday, a few family members showed up to begin prepping the potatoes and onions fro the chowder and food bags. Through it all there was a steady supply of raw and cooked oysters and clams on the half-shell for those wishing to partake.

Early Sunday things really started rolling. Bruce went out and picked up the two-and-a-half bushels of clams and we then went down to the water to get some seawater in which to wash them. After that things got both confusing and organized at the same time. Folks kept piling in and the gathering grew and grew. Every one pitched in to get things done.

Several large pavilions were set up to cover the tables
and offer protection from the elements.

Bruce seemed to be everywhere coordinating things.

Crumbled newspapers served as the base for the bake's charcoal fire.
Done in a tray as opposed to a pit, it made clean-up a snap.

All the foods were prepped to go into the individual meal bags for the bake.

Even more food for the bags.

The clams got bathed.

Clams got switched from one cooler to another
with new, cleaner seawater.

Meanwhile, a big kettle of clam chowder was prepared to 1) keep the natives from becoming restless ad 20 whet everyone's appetite.

Previously shucked clams and onions got ground for the chowder.

Chowder was the first order of business.

Teddy oversees the chowder.

Chowder is served.

Everybody wants some!

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