Friday, September 30, 2011

Meh. More rain.

We only got 0.15 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Makes it seem like a sunny day at the beach. We've now had about 13.45 inches of rain since the beginning of September without once being hit by a real hurricane...just two tropical storms (Irene and Lee). In truth, the sun DID come out...for about an hour yesterday afternoon and the same this morning. Not to worry, however, the forecasters at AccuHunch say we might get another 1/2 inch or so later this evening into tomorrow morning.

The temperatures did take a nose dive over night. Instead of being stuck on near 70 degrees night and day, the thermometer fell outside overnight to around 55 degrees. With a fairly strong breeze blowing it felt much, much cooler when I stepped out on the deck.

Blogspheric friend Marianne of Northview Dairy up on a hill overlooking the Mohawk River near Fonda, NY, reports her barnyard has become 1-a quagmire and 2-a raging torrent. The former is true of every flat surface while the latter describes any slope slightly greater than 10 degrees.
Oh, she also reports that the river is rising...again.

Hell of an end to summer.


Rev. Paul said...

That ain't no summer at all, strictly speaking. Flood season sucks.

joated said...

Yeah, sure does. We normally have mud/flood season with the spring thaw, but this fall mud season has transcended the normal. Moved right to a second, long lasting flood season that's pretty heartbreaking for those living near any sort of drainage system.