Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Egads! That's a lot of water!

I emptied the rain gauge back on September 8 just before our abortive attempt to go to New Jersey. Abortive because we had just finished visits from two hurricanes/tropical storms (Irene and that resulted in massive flooding in eastern Pennsylvania effectively blocking our path. The rain gauge had yielded 6" and 3.1" respectively from those two storms.

Since then I've been a bit lax in checking the amount of rain that has fallen. I know it rained. Terry took me to Corning three times after that (pre-op, op and post-op) and it rained each time. So I wasn't surprised when Terry emptied the rain gauge Tuesday morning and found 1.5" of water there. That was BEFORE the heavy rains fell Tuesday afternoon and much of the night. This morning I dumped 1.75" out of the gauge. it hasn't rained since, but the sky is threatening.

So let's tally it up, hey? Six, 3.1, 1.5, and 1.75 equals 12.35 inches. Over a foot. Yikes! And we didn't get hit the hardest by Irene or Lee. Those storms were worse to the east of here.

Meanwhile, the thermometer must be broken. Every time I've looked at it over the last two days it says it's 70 degrees outside and 70 degrees inside. (Or at least close enough so as not to matter.) Beats the 85 degrees we had on the sunny afternoon when I cut the grass Monday.

[UPDATE: Just 5 minutes after I posted the above at 4:15 PM: It's raining again/still. And there's another flood warning out. *sigh*]


Rev. Paul said...

You folks can't catch a break, can you? That's very strange weather, any way you slice it.

Ruth said...

and it just keeps raining and raining. At least you can mow, I've not been to mow the majority of my yard for weeks. Large portions of it are VERY swampy to try to walk on, not to mention having grass up to my knees.