Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mid September? Global Warming?

Jeez! Who turned the heat off?

What? Al Gore's doing "24 Hours of Reality" the Climate Reality Project trying to push his failing agenda...again?

Well, that might explain why the temperature at the Aerie was a mere 48 degrees AT 4 PM when we got back from the hospital.
(FULL DISCLOSURE: It HAS warmed up since the clouds cleared away. All the way to 52 degrees. But those clear skies mean temperatures in the mid 30s tonight with scattered FROST a possibility.)

It might also explain this:

Snow in forecast for mountains around Aspen
HA! you say. "That's at high elevations! Sure it snows at the tops of really tall mountains and some of these are, as the story notes well over a mile high!"

Well, that's true, but what about this:
Snow dampens BWCA fire, but respite likely to be brief ("BWCA" = Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota/southern Canada)

And from Watts Up With That we find:

This week, Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice “may” have turned the corner Ice coverage of the Arctic is once again increasing...just as it does every fall.

If you're wondering why Albert has stopped mentioning the snow loss on Mt Kilimanjaro as a harbinger of DOOM!, well, maybe it's because that loss? It seems to have reversed: Snow slowly building on Mount Kilimanjaro

Speaking of Africa:
Mr. Watts has a report on flooddraughts The 4th IPCC report--the one that won the Nobel Prize--predicted more severe droughts in the Sahara and substantial increases in rainfall in the eastern Horn of Africa. Ain't happening. In fact, the southern Sahara, the Sahel, is becoming GREENER as it becomes more moist. As for the super increase in rain in the Horn region? Surely you jest: From the BBC: The drought and famine that is devastating the Horn of Africa is affecting more than 12 million people.


Rev. Paul said...

This is just freakin' high-larious! We have snow visible on the higher peak of the Chugach along the edge of town today, and have been in the upper 30s and lower 40s overnight for several weeks.

I predict we're just entering another Little Ice Age ... and the more Algore talks, the faster it will arrive.

threecollie said...

Thanks, joated, for a breath of common sense. Freeze warning here for tonight...the earliest in at least four or five years and by almost three weeks. bah!