Monday, September 26, 2011

Random thoughts from the Aerie, September 26, 2011

I think I'm beginning to OD on football. Seriously. I've taken this couch potato thing too far. Thursday and Friday nights, Saturday noon to 11 (I just can't stay up long enough to watch the west coast game, sorry), Sunday from 1 until 11, Monday night.... Doesn't mean I'll stop watching/listening, however.


The knee is getting there. The right knee, the one subjected to surgery, is still swollen a bit and tight but I've been stretching the muscles and working on strengthening them by lifting weights attached to the ankle and going up and down stairs. If/when I can get out to cut the grass, the walking about the lawn will certainly help.


The folks who staged the Fabulous 1890s Weekend in Mansfield lucked out. After the showers on Friday, things cleared up pretty nicely. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings were foggy as heck, but that soon burned off to produce two beautiful days. Even the wind cooperated for the hot air balloons they had as part of the activities. Most of those were tethered flights but there were a few early morning free flights that went up.

The Mansfield U. sprint football team managed to whoop the Princeton team 40-2. They set a few team records along the way. (Not hard for a relatively young squad, but still impressive.) Full story here.

We can see the fireworks from the Aerie when they have them down in town, but it's a wee bit disjointed to see the burst of color and then hear the muffled "BOOM" a few seconds later. Still looks pretty.


Speaking of the weather...It's been pretty boring the last three days. The low at night has been between 67 and 70 degrees and the high has been around 80 when the afternoon sun comes out. There's been little breeze over night and barely enough to rattle the leaves during the day. Most of that has been due to convection currents on the hill side: "cold" air sinking during the evening/night and "warm" air rising during the sunny parts of the day. There's so much fog and dew in the early morning that the grass never really dries out. If the breeze would only blow a wee bit harder....


Regardless of what happens weatherwise today, I will get out there this afternoon to cut at least part of the lawn. It's more than ankle deep now and really, really needs to be cut. Besides, I need the exercise.

The plants in the garden need to be pulled too. Terry did pick a bunch of string beans yesterday, but the zucchini and cucumbers are done. I'll pull them all and add the greens to the compost pile. The only plants we're waiting on are the carrots and they should/could be pulled any day now.


JDP said...

When I lived out in the country on some acreage years ago and the grass around the house got more than ankle deep...I would get on the tractor and cut it with the Bushhog. Just a thought for you Joated, not sure your wife would approve:)


joated said...

JDP I've done that up north...which is where the DR Brushhog is right now. I've a mower deck for the tractor which is here at the Aerie, but I haven't resoprted to that yet. Need the exercise of walking around the yard.