Thursday, September 15, 2011

Injury/surgery report.

Back home after "Ambulatory Surgery" at Corning Hospital.

I went in to have a loose, calcified body removed from the muscular tissues directly above the right knee. That procedure was successful and easily accomplished. The lump ("I think it's a Titleists," said the doctor.) was not wedged in the muscle and popped right out.

I complained enough about the stabbing pain on the inside lower portion of the knee so that the doctor decided to do some arthroscopic exploration while I was under. He discovered a meniscal tear and some additonal loose bodies in that area and took action to clean things up and take out the trash. He also found there was some degenerative arthritis with some bone-on-bone contact in the rear of the knee. When we meet again on the 22nd, he'll be talking injections (Cortisone?) and future knee replacement, I guess.

Toughest part was trying to convince the anesthesiologist that my pulse (44 bpm) was a normal thing for me. He too asked if I was an exercise/running kind of guy. HA! Seriously, do I look like a jogger/marathoner? (Oh, and my BP was 147/77. Considered normal under the circumstances.)

I'm back home at the Aerie with orders to stay off the leg as much as possible, Keep it elevated for 24 hours--with ice, continue my pain meds, go for my scheduled follow-up on the 22nd, yadda, yadda, yadda.


Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like a fairly positive report, although I'm sorry to hear about the anticipated future treatment.

Take it easy, my friend, and keep us posted.

joated said...

Thanks sentiments.

As for "Take it easy" sounds like a plan with few options that I will try heartily to embrace.

JDP said...

Glad things went well and be sure to follow the doctors orders. Should be plenty of football games to watch and keep you off your feet and entertained:)


joated said...

Oh, not to worry JDP. Plan on doing just that. Watch so much football that my eyes become pigskin shaped. (Baseball is out since the teams that are left in the race(?) do not appeal to me. Though I might have to root for anybody playing against the Yankees or Phils or Braves. If the latter two meet, I'll pray for a thunderstorm/hailstorm/hurricane/tornado.)