Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 39th Iditarod Has Ended!

The 2011 Iditarod has just finished with Ellen Halverson doing something no one has ever done before. She became the first person to be the Red Lantern (final musher to cross under the Burled Arch in Nome) twice. In the previous 38 races dating back to 1972 there has been a new face in that position 38 times.

Ellen Halverson was the 47th musher of the 62 that started in Willow on March 6th to complete the journey to Nome. Nine of her 16 dogs completed the trek with her.

She and Heather Sirtola left the final checkpoint at Safety just four minutes apart at shortly before 7 AM (AKDT) this morning after an all night trip under the light of the Super Moon from White Mountain, and arrived just minutes apart in Nome just shy of 11 AM.

Congratulations to all the mushers and their dogs who participated in the 39th Iditarod.

Time for all to shower and rest before tonight's big awards banquet!

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Rev. Paul said...

Just once, I'd like to be in Nome for the end of the race. It's truly said that the Iditarod is a one-day event in Anchorage, a two-day event in Houston or Big Lake, but lasts for two weeks in Nome.

That would be fun.