Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, as Paul suggested last evening, the weathermen were wrong when they said there would be an inch of snow/sleet/wintry mix overnight. Very, very wrong.

Snow on the corner of the deck.

Snow on the deck rail and tray feeder.

Snow on the Tundra.

We got a wee bit more than the called for "inch." There's more like 8 inches of the stuff on the ground this morning. We are currently in a lull between bands of precipitation but AccuHunch says there's still 4-5 inches to come--with sleet and freezing rain this afternoon just for good measure. Winter Weather Warnings remain in effect until Thursday morning.

And we were just about free of the damn stuff. Only the greatly reduced and nearly gone heaps of snow created from plowing/blowing/shoveling remained yesterday afternoon. Now I'll have to enlarge those. Right now, I've got to go out and hang the bird feeders and clear off the deck. I shall refrain from doing the driveway until I'm relatively certain the weather gods (small "g" as a sign of disdain!) have finished their tormenting. In any event, it looks like I'll be playing with my toys again.

If this keeps up, Terry just might want to stay in South Carolina where her cousin told be they got "chilly" when the 70 degree temperatures fell to 55 the other day.


Richard said...

I like to say "quit complaining" but I can't. We got at least 8 inches last night also, so that means another one is probably heading your way.

Atleast you have you new "big boy" toy now so that should

JDP said...

Looks closer to a foot of snow than an inch. It is going to hit 80degrees here today. Look on the bright side, you get to practice some more with the new tractor.


JihadGene said...

Thanks for making me appreciate where I live despite all the damn Democrats I'm surrounded by. Get out the snow removal toys and have Terry give ya a hug and a mug 'o some "GOOOD coffee", as Jackie Gleason would say!