Saturday, March 05, 2011

About Comments

Comments are, of course, always welcome.

That said, I've instituted comment moderation because of spam comments that are of questionable origin and that offer links to dubious offers for items I do not wish to promote or be seen as supportive. When such comments are made to posts that are months if not years old, flags are really, really raised. Recently, some comments of this type have appeared on more current posts.

I've also had a tendency to mark as spam comments that come labeled "Anonymous" for fear that they may contain viruses or trackers with which I do not wish to be infected. Even if those comments have a name attached within their content. Exceptions do exist IF I recognize that name, of course.

Lately, I've gotten several "Anonymous" comments that seem innocuous enough and that contain a signature at the end of the content along the lines of: "Sincerely, John Doe." (Although "John Doe" is not the name(s) attached.) For some reason, be it the grammar, tone, the down right generic phrasing, or the odd request contained therein ("May I use some of the material in this post if I provide a link back?" on a post that merely links to something I had seen elsewhere and which had minimal original content), these have set off internal sirens and I have either marked them as spam or deleted them entirely since I've no way of verifying who it is making the comment/request.

Should you read this and be one of those whose comments I've given the bum's rush, tough. Provide me with a reason to publish your comments, register with Blogger so you've got a semi-official ID (you can do so without having a Blog, you know), or don't waste my time.

That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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