Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Bird Before Its Time

Stepped out on the deck a few minutes ago and heard a Woodcock peenting out in the back. Poor guy. Probably took advantage of the steady winds blowing out of the south-southeast and over shot his mark. The ground around here is covered in a foot or more of snow so he's likely to have a tough time finding any insects/worms in the soil.

Then again, if he can hang on a few days.... We're supposed to get 2+ inches of rain with temperatures rising into the 50 degree range tomorrow. That is, after the little bit of snow we're getting at the moment.


On another bird related note. A Redpoll met an early demise today. I was sitting in the living room following the Iditarod online while a group of 30 or so Redpolls were on the deck feeding on the sunflower seeds there and in the tray. A commotion made me look up in time to see a calico cat leaping up and off the tray feeder with a Redpoll in its mouth. The tray was propelled over the side to the snow bank below while the stray cat took her prize off to the covered porch. It was there that I scared her into running--still in possession of her prize--around the front of the deck and off to the top of the snowbank lining the parking area and away.

The calico came back later but this time Julie saw her and started scratching at the glass sliding door while Miss Calico scratched at her side until I showed up. (Big Bad Chester sat back and watched the whole thing. He probably wanted to play.)

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Shelley said...

Too bad about your sweet little redpoll! They didn't visit us this past winter in northern michigan - I was disappointed - they're such friendly little birds. we're suppose to warm up a little this weekend - about 39 degrees.