Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, crap!

Why play CDs and not listen tot he radio? Well, first of all, I was traveling through a mountainous region of the state. In and out of valleys, up and over ridges, etc. makes for bad radio reception and I didn't feel like having to search for new stations along the way.

Besides, I had heard the weather forecast and didn't care to hear it repeated very often, damn it!

The Aerie will see snow and a wintery mix starting after midnight on Tuesday. A possibility of an inch by morning. Snow all day Wednesday and into Wednesday night. Three to six inches of snow possible. BUT it could be more or less. Only a slight shift in the track of the storm could make a big difference. Or so say the folks at AccuHunch.

Yeah, that 6-12 inch blob is just a tiny bit to the northeast of here. And I do mean tiny. Looks like it starts around Corning, NY which is just on the other side of the state line. I can almost see it from my front yard. (Well, I could if it weren't for those other hills in the way.) And, being at 2100 feet in elevation and one of the first places to get snow while the valley gets rain, yada, yada, yada.

Sure looks like I'll be shoveling once more.

Then again, where the heck was the "mostly sunny" they were forecasting? I saw the sun--I think--for something like 5 minutes today. If they were wrong about that....

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Rev. Paul said...

Yeah, what makes you think they'll be any more accurate about the snow? Some years, it seems like the only time "they" get it right is with the worst of the worst stuff. Other times, they can't find the weather chart with a map & a flashlight.

May they be wrong, this time.