Saturday, March 05, 2011

Visitors in the Yard

We woke up this morning at 6 AM (Thanks a lot Chester!) to a herd of visitors in the yard. At least a dozen deer wandered over by the bird feeders before making their way up the hill above the house. Some of them looked big enough to throw a saddle on while others were probably born last spring. In all likelihood, this was a group of does with last year's young. I watched as they browsed on low tree branches and exposed weeds along the powerline right of way and the second driveway.

Later, as I stood on the porch and watched, they reappeared coming back down the hill and into the woods to the west. One came within 20 yards of where I remained motionless but in full view just outside the door.

As I write (11 AM) there are still a few visible down the trail and in the field beyond where the wind looks to have exposed some of the ground. I'd not be able to see them if it weren't for the snow that still lays on the ground.


Currently we're enjoying a light but warm breeze coming out of the south that has raised the temperature near the 40 degree mark. Rain is supposed to follow but is staying more to the west of us at the moment. Terry spoke to the postmistress who's brother works on the road crew. He says they were told to be prepared for up to a foot of snow (!) this weekend. The folks at AccuHunch are saying 1.5 inches while says nothing but a few flurries after the rain, the radio says a couple of inches are possible, and the TV out of Elmira claimed early this morning 1-2 FEET as a possibility. It's going to be an interesting weekend. Even if there's no snow, the flooding from over and inch of rain and the subsequent melting of the current snow pack will provide for excitement.


The Iditarod will be kicking off at 10 AM today in Anchorage. That's about 3 PM here on the east coast. Rev. Paul will be along the trail just north of the city watching the mushers go by. He promises to have photos and reports posted when he gets back so go on and take a look. This is the ceremonial start. The restart will take place at Willow Lake on Sunday at 2 PM Alaska time.

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JihadGene said...

I like your visitors! Thanks for the heads up on the Iditarod & Rev Paul for a go to link.