Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Shadow Knows....

...what ailed her. I certainly don't.

I mentioned that Shadow was having issues keeping food down over the weekend. That, apparently, fixed itself on Monday when she began eating anything that wasn't nailed down or being sat upon by Chester. And, more importantly, kept it down. Today she finished her breakfast and then cleaned up the remains of both Chester (surprise--he does leave crumbs in his bowl!) and Julie. Then she did the same with lunch four hours later. And in between she was begging for snack crunchies any time either Terry or I went in the vicinity of the jar--which means when we grabbed a cup of coffee or tea.

One odd side effect of her illness: She has regressed to being a lap cat again. I held her in my lap stroking, petting and scratching her for half an hour Sunday night before she slid off to curl up on the other recliner near me. Today she voluntarily climbed into Terry's lap for some more loving AND FELL ASLEEP THERE! She hasn't done that since we moved into the Aerie in December of '06.

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Rev. Paul said...

I'm relieved to hear that Shadow's recovered. But regarding her sudden affinity for your laps? Well, see the title of your post, again. They're finicky and fickle creatures, those felines, but sometimes they want (need?) our companionship more than they want to be independent.