Friday, March 04, 2011

New Toy

Got my delivery from A.J.'s Outdoor Equipment around noon today. A quick walk-thru for all the attachments and whatnot and then I signed for the Kubota BX25.

With rain in the forecast for the next couple of days, I've moved it into the garage, displacing Terry's little yellow Aveo. The Aveo could use the washing anyway no that mud season has started to rear its head.


Rev. Paul said...

That looks like fun.

Richard said...

That big box behind the seat must be the instruction

joated said...

LOL. Actually, that's the three point hitch arms. The manual(s) is almost as big though.

JDP said...

Pulled your wifes car out of the garage and replaced it with your shiny new tractor due to a chance of rain. Classic! Guess you won't be needing that old snow shovel and blower any longer?


joated said...

It was her idea! Honest.

Oh, I'll probably still need the shovel. The deck, the stairs, maybe even around the wood pile and vehicles. At least until I get some practice with the front loader.