Friday, March 11, 2011

On the Trail

The Last Great Race is on the move again. Things got bogged down with warmish weather. Ah, but "warm" is relative. A temp of 20 degrees can cause the trail to deteriorate and the dogs to over heat. Thus mushers stacked up waiting for night fall in the ghost town of Iditarod. But they are on the move since around 11 PM EST last night and it's been quite a race to the Yukon River.

I've been following on the Race Talk: Iditarod Updates discussion board. It was on page 225 when I hit the sack last night. This morning it was on page 269! Lots to catch up on. But as of 5 AM, the leaders are.... Neff, Baker, Buser, Gatt and Mackey. All are with in striking distance of one another and nearly to Shageluk, 65 miles out of Iditarod.

Now excuse me while I catch up on the message board and the huge earthquake(s) off Japan.

(Jeez, a guy can't sleep for a minute around here!)

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threecollie said...

It is really nice to be able to follow the race this year.