Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aerie Bear, pt. 2 on Tuesday

The bear returned later in the evening. When I stepped out on the deck at just after 10 PM it was heading for the steps. With no seed in the telephone pole bird feeder, it was hoping to score some snacks off the deck feeders (which I had already put inside after the earlier encounter). I talked to the bear and the bear acted all shy and bashful---but also insistent. If not allowed on the deck, then it was going to investigate under the deck.

I got the camera and started shooting. From less than 10 feet away.

"Okay. You caught me." 

"You sure I can't come up there and check for myself?" 

"Well, maybe there's some seed under the deck that the squirrels, chipmunks and birds missed." 

The long, pointed snout, ears that seem overly large and on the side of the head, and a size about the same as a large St. Bernard tell me this bear is only about two years old.  In the six years we've been here, we've had much bigger visitors and even a Mommy with three cubs. If this one keeps coming by, I may have to teach it a lesson on human avoidance. 


Rev. Paul said...

We have more problems from the black bears here than any of the others. They grow tolerant of human presence very quickly.

JDP said...

How do you go about teaching a bear a lesson, pellet rifle, firecrackers?


joated said...

I've tried the air rifle in the past. Didn't have any more affect than a horse fly.

I don't have any firecrackers but I do have a large, cast iron frying pan...and a Super Redhawk in .45 Magnum.

JDP said...

I vote for the .45 :}


joated said...

Did I say .45 mag? I meant .44 mag. Should be enough, however. Or there's the 12 gauge slug.