Sunday, April 22, 2012

He Did It Again!

My brother-in-law is an avid and skilled bowler who participates in several leagues.

Yesterday his daughter posted news on Facebook that he had once more rolled a perfect game; a 300 game. I asked how many that made and was told, "He's not sure. It's either 4 or 5."

Either way, that's one heck of an accomplishment and worthy a tip of the hat. Way to go Al!

[I once bowled fairly regularly and in a league but never attained the level of consistency that Al has. My best average was around 185 and my best game was 279--that's all strikes but one. I had a 9 and a spare in the eight frame.]

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ruthann said...

thanks for the post! it certainly is fun to watch perfection in a sport! he started the next game striking also for a total of 19 in a row befor missing a strike!