Monday, April 23, 2012

April Snow At The Aerie

It's April 23rd at the Aerie and a late snow storm dumped 10-12 inches of heavy, wet, white on the ground. Snow is good. Snow is fine. But once April 15th has passed, snow falls of this magnitude should be over. (Click on any of the photos to enlarge 'em.)

Look down the deck at 7 AM today. 

A Pine Siskin seeks sustenance.

A view to the west. 

 The onions are buried, the pool is closed and the redbud is shivering.

 The Jeep Liberty has been jailed.

 The Tundra feels right at home.

 By late afternoon, much of the driveway got turned into slush and mud by the tractor.

 And the view to the west revealed the hills and windmills were still there.

As twilight approaches, the snow is supposed to taper off but it's going the other way. The hills and windmills are once again shrouded and out of sight. The trees are being weighted down once more. The snow is falling as hard as it did all day. Luckily it hasn't begun to stick again to the cleared surfaces but as the temperature falls below the freezing mark, it will.

The high today was just 35 degrees. We are supposed to see the 40s tomorrow and 50 on Wednesday. Some rain showers during the day and snow showers at night are possible on Tuesday but only "partly cloudy" is in the Wednesday forecast. Thursday it will be warmer (high 50s) and rainy. This snow will not last long, but it has already been a nuisance.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

You got a bit more than we did, but Ive got tree branches down everywhere, and alas my glass patio table is no more....

Rev. Paul said...

I feel for you, Bro, I really do; but I don't miss it a bit & don't want any more here at all. At least not until late October.

joated said...

Tina, it's the 2100' elevation. One stinking blue bubble on the radar has been sitting over us all frelking day. To the west everything moved northward but the peanut shaped snow globe sat here and is sitting here still.

Paul, weren't you the one talking about setting a new record in Anchorage just a few short weeks ago? If this storm had hit you instead of us you could have shattered that sucker!

Rev. Paul said...

We did indeed set a new record for snowfall in a single season. Having done so, we're happy to watch it all melt. :)