Friday, April 27, 2012

Aerie Report, April 27, 2012

Super warm and sunny on Wednesday and Thursday has turned in to mostly sunny but pretty darn chilly. Nearly all the snow has melted with just the piles where we shoveled it off the deck remaining. I emptied the rain gauge this afternoon. It held a huge snow cap on the top after Sunday/Monday's storm. That may have blocked some of the rain that fell on Tuesday and some of that snow may have dripped over the edge, but despite that, there were 2.5 inches of water in the tube.

Tonight we may get temperatures in the upper 20s. The weather service has issued a freeze warning for the area. Figures. My lettuce and beets have just popped out of the soil. Our position on the slope may be enough to protect them as colder air will sink down into the valley leaving us with a slightly warmer temp.

Tomorrow's a birding day at Hills Creek State Park. If the winds today hadn't been out of the north-northwest, I would have expected to see more warblers and migrants. Last week, Gary reported that the migratory water fowl have pretty much moved on. The Grebes and Loons have departed for waters further north.



Rev. Paul said...

Your weather is still colder than ours - we'll get down to about 36 tonight. But "above freezing" is a big deal for us right now.

joated said...

Well, your nights are considerably shorter than ours are right now. Less chance of cooling.