Saturday, March 11, 2006

Global Warming?

An Arctic storm brought a rare mix of patchy blue skies, snow and hail to Southern California on Friday, closing the Grapevine at times, leaving motorists stranded near Big Bear and prompting forecasters to warn that the snow level could dip today to about 1,000 feet.

While downtown Los Angeles was sunny much of Friday, it snowed in areas as low as 2,000 feet in the Santa Clarita, Antelope and San Gabriel valleys. Hailstorms struck large swaths of the region, including Pasadena, Eagle Rock and Glendale.

Frazier Park, Gorman and other mountain communities received a steady dusting, prompting officials to declare the first school "snow day" of the season as residents stocked kitchens and covered pipes to prevent them from freezing.
(From an LA Times article.)

A “dusting” creates a snow day? And makes people run out to stock their kitchens and wrap their pipes?

What a bunch of wussies! Up near the cabin in the Adirondacks it takes 6” before they consider a snow day. Dustings occur almost ever day from Thanksgiving to Easter.


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