Saturday, March 11, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 3a
Ground Breaking

The fantastic spring weather we have enjoyed the last few days promises to continue through the weekend and into the start of the work week. That means the excavator will be able to break ground Monday or Tuesday.

I stopped at the property today after making a drop at the storage facility and found Don (our General Contractor) had removed the two trees that grew within the house’s footprint. While there’s still some logs to be moved out of the way, the area looked prepped for the excavator to do his thing.

Don has also spoken with the electric utility folks to get a temporary box installed. I noticed that a work crew had been through to clear the right of way beneath the power line. The brush had been trimmed down to the ground and many small poplars up to 5-6 inches in diameter were also dropped. Firewood should be little problem for a year or so. (When I got home I found the incoming mail contained papers from the electric people to complete the hook-up.)

Our NJ home has been on the market for a week now and there have been several visits by prospective buyers but no follow-up calls or offers. Tomorrow we have an Open House. Hopefully, we will have several more visits during the afternoon.

Terry has proven, shall we say, impatient. Although I agree with her in one respect: Mentally we’re out of this house already. We may not know where we will live between the closing in NJ until the CO is issued in PA, but we’re ready to figure that out. There’s always the cabin in the Adirondacks, although I would prefer not to have to move up there until after Mud Season is over—around May 1st.

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