Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Peep, Peep

Last week the city human rights director of St. Paul, MN banned the Easter Bunny from City Hall. This week the AP reports (via the Grand Forks Herald) several city employees have been protesting that decision by placing those ubiquitous marshmallow chicks and bunnies known as Peeps around a statue of American Indians, along with two signs that temporarily rename the "Vision of Peace" statue as the "Vision of Peeps."

(Speaking of Peeps…Did you know that Just Born, the company that manufactures these seasonal treats, has a web page that documents the exhaustive research to which they subject their squishy little yellow chickies? Well they do.)

h/t to Tongue Tied and commenter Todd at that post who dropped the link to Just Born’s Peep Reasearch.


Gun Trash said...

My wife considers marshmallow Peeps an essential nutrient.

joated said...

Aah, of course! My wife also considers them so. But they must be the yellow ones. Any other color, she says, is just...unnatural.