Friday, March 17, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 4
Excavation Report

I received a call from Don last night about the hole being dug for the foundation. Seems it’s virtually done!

The excavator did run into one little problem and that’s why Don was calling. There were some huge boulders in the south end of the hole that the excavator couldn’t budge. He could either get an explosives man out there or he could move the location of the house 2 feet to the north.

I remember back in ‘58 when my Dad and Uncle Neal had to blast the side of the hill in Oakland, NJ in order to put in the cellar of our home. It took time and money and wasn’t pretty. (Although for a 9-year-old it was damn exciting!)

I’m a little older than nine now and can do without exciting. (Well sometimes exciting is okay.) I asked if there was room on the shelf on the side of the hill that forms the building site for the house and the proposed deck if we made the move. Don assured me there was, so the house will be 2 feet further north than originally planned. (Hope that doesn't ruin my wife's plans for tomatoes. On the other hand, it should help if Global Warming gets out of hand.)

Don says the man with the forms will be on the job site Monday or Tuesday and pouring of the concrete walls will take place soon after. I think he means there will be a foundation in place by the 25th of the month.


Anonymous said...

geez..i was only 5. does that mean you are actually FOUR years older??
damn!! i always thought the difference was only 2 years.
quess you are older than i thought!! LOLOLOLOL

joated said...

Okay, Sis. Maybe I got the ages off by a year. Say you were 5 going on 6 and I was 7 going on 8. That would make it...the summer of 1957(?) and not 1958.