Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 3b
Ground has been broken!

I got an email from Don, the General Contractor on our Log Home. He tells me that the excavator was up on our property yesterday and has begun to dig the hole for the foundation. I’ll have to go out that way later this week to drop off some more stuff for storage so I may swing by to see what’s up.

A little troubling is his report that when he and his wife tried to drive up to see what had been done, they ran into Mud Season problems. (See my previous post on this northland phenomenon.)

The property is on a dirt road near the top of the hill (2100 out of, oh, maybe 2300 feet to be exact) and there has been a lot of truck activity up there. He says part of the road was churned into a quagmire and they had to abandon his wife’s minivan a mile from the building site. (He admits that he should have known better to leave his truck home. Hey, at least he didn’t bury the wife’s car in the mud!) He does say that the township had a work crew out there trying to repair the road and improve the drainage that was causing the problem. Hope they succeeded. The foundation crew will have to get up there in a week or so with concrete trucks and all. And the logs will be coming on tractor trailers in a month.

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