Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kitty Kat Pics

Kitties 09
"Hey, Sis, wanna know a secret?"

The two of them curl up or stretch out together all the time!

Sleep is probably 80% of their day. Eating is 5% (but only because they wolf their food down!) Running around like dervishes and chasing one another or snagging cluster flies off the windows makes up the balance.

Kitties 20
Chester and his sister, Shadow, seem to sleep most of the day away. Usually they curl up or stretch out together as though they were still in the womb. You’d think they shared an umbilical cord and it never got cut.

Even when they're soundly sleeping, however, I can't open a can of food to give a little to Julie. These two bound in from wherever demanding their share---and usually Julie's, too!


Jess said...

Cheez, the babies are getting big!

*waves* What's up?

gregor said...

those are some great cats. our daughter was home for about a year after graduating from drexel so she could get on her feet and her two cats moved in with her. they were incredible. my cat didn't care for the company, she barely tolerated them, but would allow them to share my bed with her at night. nothing like sleeping with three cats.