Saturday, October 28, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 48
Tile work, Sheetrocking, and Painting and more

Another week of multitasking at the Aerie.

Due to time constraints, Don has opted to have the tile work in the three bathrooms done by the folks who will be supplying the tile. Before they can do their thing, however, all three baths needed to have their sheetrock (aka drywall) installed as well as the tubs and showers in place. To that end, Don worked Monday thru Wednesday getting those rooms ready for the tile installers who were due on Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, Adam worked with Braun to finish the entryway to the attic. They were installing tongue and groove boards on the walls and ceiling of that little alcove until they ran out of polyurethaned boards last week and Braun had to revert to the basement to prep some more.(It is far easier to have the finish applied and boards dried on the rack than it is to have to try and polyurethane the boards sand them and apply a second coat once they are in place.

While they were working on that, Terry (yeah, she finally spent some time on the job!) did some staining of the 1x boards that will form the trim for the doors and windows and polyurethaned some more tongue and groove…just in case. Debbie showed up after her day job and chipped in with staining, polyurethaning and sanding. She also made stops at the building supplier in town and picked up things we were running short of when necessary.

I helped Don with some of the drywall in the upstairs bath and then went to sanding the log walls on the first floor. Some of these had already gotten their first coat of polyurethane sprayed on and they needed to be prepped for their second. The first floor bath was getting a special brushed on application of marine quality polyurethane. Once sanded, I wielded the brush to finish the first floor bath and then did the small hall area (ceiling and beams) where the doors to the bedrooms, bathroom and basement steps all come together.

Monday evening one of the first floor bedrooms got its last spraying of polyurethane. (The other bedroom had gotten its final coat over the weekend.) This allowed Adam to begin boxing in one of the chases between beams with 6-inch tongue and groove to hide the wires for the ceiling fan/light. Since the ceiling/floor boards are 6 inches wide they match the tongue and groove perfectly and since the box used in the electrical installation is one of the thin ones, the difference in depth is hardly noticeable.

I used some left over floor boards to built a really massive door to the attic. It’s an unusual size and using the tongue and groove floor boards matched the tongue and groove boards of the alcove.

Kyle and one of his buddies from the high school soccer team have been working weekends and after practice to install insulation in the garage roof. With all the stuff stored in the garage attic, this has not been an easy task. Sometimes they can access the roof from the garage itself and sometimes they have to move things about in the attic in order to reach the roof.

Terry left Wednesday morning to go to Richmond, VA for some Smocking Arts classes so I left that afternoon to head back to the cabin in the Adirondacks where there were three very lonely cats waiting for me. (Mark had come over to light the wood burning stove a couple of times as the temperatures took a sudden turn downward and he played with them a bit but it’s not the same.) As a result, I didn’t get to stick around to see the tile job or what Adam and Don would be up to while the tile guys were doing their thing.

I did, however get to spend some time in the woods with Mark and Eric looking for white-tailed deer and maybe a bear. But that’s another story.

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