Friday, October 13, 2006

Mets Win Game 1
Down Cards 2-0

On the positive side:
Tom Glavine pitched 7 scoreless innings throwing just 80 pitches and Motta and Wagner did their job to complete the shutout. The Mets still have a lot of rested arms in the bullpen. They’ll need them unless they’re lucky enough to get another rainout, these two teams play four more consecutive days in NY and St. Lou.
Despite rotten numbers in Shea this year, Carlos Beltran came through with a 2-run blast to right-center providing the only runs the Mets needed—or got.

On the negative side:
Cliff Floyd’s Achilles tendon put him on the sideline early. Looks like Willie Randolph threw the dice on Floyd’s ability to play and they came up snake eyes. Let’s hope that Floyd’s able to contribute as either a pinch hitter or later in the series if he gets some serious rest for that tendon. (On a personal note, when I had a partial tear of my Achilles, I still had trouble with quick starts such as you would need to cross a busy street some two years after the fact. Of course I didn’t get the medical attention Cliff is getting, but it is a long and painful process. And, without surgery, it still pains me some 25 years later.)

Also, the hitting was woeful. Some of that may have been due to the generous strike zone that helped both Weaver and Glavine, but still….

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