Friday, October 06, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 45

Bronchitis/walking pneumonia has put me on the DL in the log home building game. Instead I’ve been confined to my Adirondack cabin where I’ve been taking my meds, sucking on Hall’s cough drops, sleeping when I can and coughing up a lung or two when I can’t.

Anyhoo. That’s the reason there’s precious little to report from PA. We did go out on Tuesday to see a doctor and then visit with the screwy PA DMV system. And I thought NJ’s long lines were bad! At least in NJ the offices were open six days a week. In PA, if you need to get a driver’s test or a new license, it’s Wednesday only. If you want to renew your license and need a photo taken, you can do that on Saturday or Wednesday. Of course, in this post-9/11 world you need to have all sorts of documents to prove who you are in order to get a new license. Well, Terry had all hers but she left my “state issued birth certificate” back in the cabin so no PA driver’s license for me! Gotta wait until next Wednesday.

Don and Adam are making progress on the rest of the ceiling and finding there are huge numbers of tongue-and-groove boards left over. We decided to use these to finish the interior of the gable walls instead of using sheetrock. We have log siding on the outside giving the appearance of log walls in the gables, so the T-&-G boards will make it look like log walls from the inside, too.

The wiring is all complete and the phone is operational. Now the security guy can come back and hook up his monitoring system. The well, which had been pumping nice clear water earlier, is suddenly murky. This may be due to sediment buildup on the bottom and having the pump too close to the bottom. We'll try raising the pump to see if that improves the situation. Once the water is clear again (or reasonably so) the heating system can be put on line.

Terry and I did stop at the tile store to pick out the tile for the three bathrooms. We had done this once before without placing an order but changed our minds once we actually saw the size of the areas being tiled. We chose smaller tiles because the areas were small and using large tiles, as we originally planned—would have looked a bit strained.

So, here I sit in the Adirondacks, wheezing and coughing, when I would rather be helping out in PA. Maybe next week.

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