Friday, October 06, 2006


After a string of incredibly bad luck with their aging (aged?) starting pitchers—Martinez’ leg/arm/shoulder and then Hernandez’ leg—they actually got to play the games.

John Maine stepped in and despite all the weeping and wailing about his inexperience in the post season, did quite well. Some Dodger base-running blunders and a couple of homeruns, not to mention David Wright’s doubles, gave the Mets a first game victory in Shea.

They then sent Tom Glavine to the mound for game two and the old man pitched lights out before handing the ball over to that incredible bullpen with a 4-0 lead. No one who stepped into the batter’s box for the Dodgers looked like they had any idea where Glavine’s pitches were going. No one seemed able to get any kind of good wood on the ball while maintaining their balance. You’d think they were trying to hit a wiffle ball while standing on a wire—elbows and asses were going every which way.

The Mets take a 2 game to none lead into Dodger Stadium for Game 3 on Saturday with Steve Trachsel facing Greg Maddox. That will be a tough one. Trachsel hasn’t pitched in almost two weeks and Maddox has always proven difficult for the Mets.

If a Game 4 is necessary, Oliver Perez seems likely to be the Mets’ starter but Willie Randolph hasn’t ruled out John Maine who only threw 80 pitches in game one.

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how bout them yankee-trained coaches???!!!