Sunday, October 22, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 47
Lots Doing

I made it back to the job this week. The bronchitis/walking pneumonia is gone.

We're working long days trying to get things completed and that means lots happening this week.

We finally got all the issues with the well water solved. When the pump ran for a long period, the water became cloudy. Lifting the pump just five feet from the bottom solved that. And clear water meant that the heating system (radiant floor) could be filled and—once propane was delivered—we could have heat. And hot water.

Don and Adam got the final pieces of siding done on the dormer and the two ribbon rows all around the house so the exterior is finished.

The remaining floor materials have been delivered along with the kitchen appliances (refrigerator, range and dishwasher). The kitchen cabinets were put into place so measurements could be made for the Corian countertops.

Sheetrock has been installed in two of the three bathrooms in preparation of the tilemen who should be on the job next week.

All the exterior stiles, rails and posts have been sanded and given a coat of stain. All the grilles that will be installed in the windows have been stained, too.

The remaining ceiling fans have been purchased as have the washer, dryer and freezer.

Deb (Don’s wife) has been coming to work on the house after completing her day job. She has done some staining and polyurethaning in the basement and she has been allowed ‘upstairs” from time to time to sand and polyurethane the walls.
Deb polyurethanes the walls by hand

Braun continues to do her magic with the sanding block and stain but she too has been working “upstairs’ from time to time. This week she helped Adam install some ceiling boards in the master bedroom closets and in the little entrance to the attic.
Braun assists Adam with some ceiling installation

Closet interior
Closet interior

Kitchen cabinets were placed for countertop measurement--and then moved again to spray the ceiling with polyurethane.


Anonymous said...


A few years back my Ohio brother-in-law was talking to me about the cabin they were building on the New River in WV and was using that word quite a bit in the conversation and to be honest, I wasn't real sure what he was talking about.

Finally, I had to ask him, "Do you mean drywall?"

So, I guess I'll have to let him know that's there's other folks who call it sheetrock, also. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, coming along nicely. Must be nice to have the heat on!

Anonymous said... where are the pictures??????