Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 46
More Progress

Don finally got the replacement window in for the master bath. The original had one of the stops driven right through the vinyl to the wood underneath. It took almost 10 weeks to get the replacement. So far this is the only real disappointment with Beaver Mountain and they were just the middle-men in the deal. Andersen Windows was slow to recognize the damage just might have been done on their end. (Nothing short of a framing hammer wacking on the stop could have done it on our end!) As a result, Don and Adam can put the finishing touches on the outside now. In fact, that’s exactly what they were doing when I stopped by between doctor’s and DMV visits.

Inside, the tongue-and-groove boards have been used to finish the two gable ends and there is plenty left over to do ceilings and walls for which they were not intended.

gable north 14
The tongue-and-groove ceiling material is sooo abundant that we will use it everywhere! Here it has been applied to the north gable wall. (The chimney goes in the far left corner so the boards don't extend that far.) (Tough to get a clear picture here because the light was streaming in the window and prevented the flash from firing.)

gable south 17
The south side is the master bedroom wall. This tongue-and-groove wood treatment is perfect for that log-home feel that would otherwise be lost with sheetrocked walls.
(If the weather gets drippy, Adam will be back to use the jig saw on the boards overlapping the window.)

Meanwhile, Braun continues to wield a mean paintbrush as she polyurethanes everything in sight! She has done more than enough tongue-and-groove boards to finish what needs to be done (and there are nearly 150 ten-foot long boards left over!), has tackled some of the indoor spindles and hand rails for the stairs and loft, and even did the faux-beam that goes on the edge of the loft. In between she has stained some of the deck spindles and posts. I would have included another picture of her at work here, but she was moving too fast!

Adam and Don pulled the pump up about 10-feet from the bottom of the well and that seems to have solved the murky water issue. That means we can finish the plumbing for the heat in the upstairs and fill the system for the floors.

On a negative side, there was an error in the cabinet measurements and we have had to order a replacement floor cabinet and one for the wall too. They should be in by mid-week next week.

Also, I have been sidelined--still--by this nagging bronchitis/walking pneumonia. I hope the second round of meds proves more affective than the fist. At least the chest X-rays were "normal." Maybe I'll be able to do some moderate amount of exercise or talk for a little longer and in more than a whisper without having to cough up a lung by this weekend. Then I can get back to work. (Or hunting....mmm?)

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