Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Log Home Update: Part 60
Stain and stone

Another hot, muggy day here at the Aerie with the thermometer registering 92 late in the afternoon. Adam, Kyle and Don showed up early to get to work on the staining and stone work and despite the heat, managed to make good progress.

The dormer has been stained as has the west wall. Only the porch ceiling and posts remain here.

I really like the rich, warm tones of the stain. The added protection against the weathering of the wood is a plus also.

Staining the north gable
Adam and Kyle mount the ladders to stain the gable wall and eave.

While Adam and Kyle wielded brushes, Don tackled the stone work on the chimney. Hauling both mortar and stone up the ladder to apply one stone at a time to the chimney faces. He has managed to complete a bit over half the chimney now and is plugging along in this unusually hot weather.

Stain and stone
Adam and Kyle finish the staining on the gable end while Don cleans up from today's stone work on the chimney.


GUYK said...

good looking place...but in Florida the homeowners insurance would cost a fortune..

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful. My envy knows no bounds.

JDP said...

What a beautiful log home. It doesn't get any nicer than that.

Unknown said...

Great post!