Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh, the places I've been!

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Of course, several very long family vacations by car played a big roll in this coverage. You don't get to this many places if you fly. All of this is from 1972 to today. From 1949 (birth) to 1972 (marriage), vacations were pretty much limited to the area east of the Mississippi.

If they expand it to include Canada, well, I've been from Nova Scotia to BC and only skipped PEI because 1)it's small and 2)there were actually crowds there when we were heading past (and I HATE crowds). Have missed some of the northern Provinces but hope to get to the Yukon on my way to Alaska some day.

Seen over at Ogre's place.


Anonymous said...

Now that's some traveling!

How did you manage to miss Miss?

joated said...

Easy, heading east out of Arkansas into Alabama I turned left to Tennessee.