Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wildflowers in Bloom

We’ve actually got two types of milkweed in our little stand. There is the more common pink flowered variety and a white variety I don’t remember noticing before.

Honeybees on Milkweed
Honeybees are attracted to the pink flowers of the milkweed.

White Milkweed
A yellow swallowtail feeds on the white flowers of another milkweed.

Some larger creature, perhaps a groundhog, has also helped itself to some of the younger shoots and flowers of the milkweed and in the process pushed the plants over.

There are several other types of wildflowers growing around the edge of the clearing and in the power line right of way. Currently, the daisies are the most abundant.

Daisies 2
The daisies have attracted their share of flying visitors, mostly bees and flies.

Daisies provide a natural landscaping that is very pleasant to the eye.

Queen Anne's Lace
Queen Anne’s Lace is also flowering now but is much less abundant than the daisies.

Still not in flower are the Russian thistles (I’ve had to cut many of these out so as to have an open path into the woods) and goldenrod. There’s lots and lots of goldenrod but that won’t be flowering for a month or more.

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