Tuesday, July 17, 2007


N.Y. Bar Serves Bottled Water For $55
Water is the latest trend when it comes to taste and a bit of marketing.

Glass, plastic, carbonated, non carbonated, high mineral content ... no, it's not a fancy drink or a fine wine. Diane Felicissimo is talking about the latest craze -- water.

It's a business making a splash. Americans spent more last year on bottled water than on iPods and movie tickets -- a whopping $15 billion.

"There are so many people that are uneducated about water," Felicissimo said.

It’s freakin’ WATER! I don’t care what the label says; whether it’s Evian, Perrier, Poland Springs or whatever. Whether they got it from the bottom of a glacier in the Canadian Rockies or from a Swiss Alp peak. It’s still H2O, dihydrogen monoxide, WATER!

(from News of the Weird Daily)

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