Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post UPDATEs from Anchorage.

UPDATE 2: After a delightful trip to Flat Top and down the Seward Highway a piece with Rev. Paul, I found some time this afternoon to get some more photos posted to previous entries--and even make entries for some days I skipped entirely for some reason. You can find them here: Day 24 PM: A Night At the Follies,
Day 25: Whitehorse to Destruction Bay,
Day 26: Destruction Bay to Tok, AK,
Day 27: Tok to Valdez,
Day 28: "Free" Day in Valdez
Day 29: Glacier Cruise out of Valdez
Day 30: Valdez to Mendeltna
Day 31: Mendeltna to Anchorage

Which brings us nearly up to date! I didn't take any pictures as we toured Anchorage's downtown district yesterday (Day 32) and I've yet to even look at the pictures from today's outing with Paul.

I finally got the pictures of our free day in Skagway posted. (See them here.)

UPDATE: Day 24 Skagway to Whitehorse now posted HERE.)

As for the rest of the trip...My God! Have I missed posting about a few days!

I've got a week's worth of words written and saved to my desktop but they are now so far out of sync with what I have posted...Mein Gott! What a mess.

Trying to find the time and a fast enough and reliable enough internet connection has been a bear! When a campground has a good connection, I'm usually parked too far away to make use of it or have too short a stay to do so. Even here in Anchorage (yes, we made it to Anchorage the other day), I've been parked out in the boonies from the wi-fi center. As a result, I've resorted to sitting in the pavillion at 7 freekin' AM on a very cold morning to post a few days pictures. I'm thinking of pulling the pickup up here and plugging into the inverter while sitting inside the cab.

Anyway... We've been pretty darn busy since we got here Friday night and this is the first time the pavillion has been available and I've had a chance to sit.

Rev. Paul of Way Up North (see my sidebar) is coming by and will take Terry and I out on a brief tour of the Anchorage he has come to know and love. (I just hope it's warm! Not as warm as back home, however. I hear it's in the 90s even at the Aerie. That's too warm!)

More to come--if my fingers stay flexible.

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