Friday, July 02, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 22: Skagway "Free Day"

"Free Day" *snort* HA! Right! Pull the other one, it's got bells!

Anything but free.
Grocery Shopping.
Expensive lunch of King Crab Legs.
Tours of three (or was it four?) museums in town.
Walking the "Million Dollar" row of Broadway and (mostly) window shopping.
Filling the gas tank at the only pump in town--once they got their computerized credit card system running again.

Hardly free. Which is why Terry and I did pass on joining the gang as they headed out to the Brewery on the edge of town for dinner and a few.

Terry & Me in Skagway

They are attempting to save as many historic buildings in the town as possible. This one, as you can see, has a great deal of history behind it due to its notorious owner.

A couple of views of Millionaires Row (aka Broadway) and the great looking buildings that are there.

Even the side streets off Broadway are pretty.

As is the town's museum (formerly the courthouse).

Lots of ways to get around the few short blocks in Skagway
There's old Dobbin willing to pull the buggy.

A stylishly clad bus driver.

And lots of antique vehicles like this Caddy cruising the streets. (Although I'm not sure they are for hire.)

Still, the origins of the town in the form of gold seekers and railroad access to the interior are not forgotten.

White Pass and Yukon RR Snow Blower

Gold Seeker and his Tlingit Guide

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Rev. Paul said...

At the risk of saying "I told you so", I mentioned in an e-mail that your "free days" were appropriately mis-named. Oh well, you're still doing things that some Alaskans haven't done. Enjoy!