Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 42 Fairbanks (Part 2)

Everyplace--visitors' centers, museums, shops, restaurants--seems to have fantastic displays of flowers. It's as though they hope to lure unsuspecting outsiders into the state with the promise of beautiful flowers and/or huge vegetables. Of course, all that growing has to be done between frosts--which can be as late as the end of May/early June and as early as mid-August.

Still--or maybe because of that short growing season--the Georgeson Botanical Garden seems rather special.

Cabbages can grow huge--if the moose don't get 'em!

Waves of color in the Garden

A "very, very cute blue plant"

Even insects have to work harder in the far north to get all the nectar and pollen they need.

Bee on Columbine

California Poppy Really? Unusual color.

This is the California Poppy with which I'm more familiar.



They pronounced it "Pay-o-knees" but I've always said "Pee-o-knees". Either way, they can be very showy for a short time in spring. They are long gone back in Pennsylvania.


I think the cabbages grew a bit while we walked around.


Rev. Paul said...

"the cabbages grew a bit while we walked around"

Yeah, they do that, here. The prize-winning entries at the State Fair next month will be in the 600 to 700 pound category.

Rick said...

When I went to the botanic garden in April it was still covered in snow!