Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aerie Report, Tuesday July 28

Well now. Summer seems to have finally arrived here at the Aerie. And by "summer" I mean warm temperatures. Not WARM warm but sorta warm as in we've finally cracked the average high for the day. Got up to 82 degrees this afternoon and might reach that again tomorrow...if the rain showers hold off. Average for July 28, 29 is 81 degrees.

Oh sure, we've cracked the average a couple of times since the Summer Solstice but certainly not half the time...which you might expect to do with--you know--an "average" temperature. Even when we go above the average temperature it's only by a degree or two. (Average for most of July is 81 or 82 degrees.) Meanwhile, when we fall below the average, it's often by five or even ten degrees. Take the first week in August as an example. The current forecast for August 1, 2, and 3 are forecast to have highs of 80, 81 and 79 degrees respectively. A veritable heat wave! Although the average temperature for those days is 81 degrees. Meanwhile August 4, 5, and 6, which also have average highs of 81 degrees, are supposed to see high temperatures of just 74 degrees.

I'll be cheering on the zucchini squash and tomatoes on those days when we get to--or even just slightly above--the average.


Not much else to report today. Terry went off for a stitching class in Big Flats.

I, on the other hand, ran around purchasing a utility trailer (to haul the ATV), checking that the car insurance company had the Jeep in their good hands, canceling payment on a check that was apparently lost in the mail after I confirmed the credit card company had not received payment despite my mailing the damn check two weeks before due and with four other checks--all of which cleared. Then I went out and cut some tree tops for a little over an hour. (One tank of fuel in the chainsaw.) I should have cut the grass since the forecast currently shows a 60% chance of showers tomorrow, but I was drenched in sweat and too pooped to push the mower about in the sunshine. Manana.


Rev. Paul said...

I had a tenant from Mexico City who taught me something I didn't know.

I'd always been told that "manana" means "tomorrow."

"No, my friend," Francisco said. "Manana means 'not today.'"

There's your new paradigm, right there!

joated said...

You sure he wasn't just trying to 'splain why you weren't getting your rent today? And probably not tomorrow, either?