Sunday, July 19, 2009

Might go berry pickin' in the mornin'

Terry and I may well go picking more blueberries in the morning. It will have to be early, however, as she has an EGA group meeting at 10 AM in Big Flats, NY.

If we do go, we can expect to fill our buckets in about an hour so she can get on her way to her hen party...I mean sit and stitch.

Here's a picture I took of Murphy's Blueberry Farm two weeks ago n our first picking expedition of the season. They quite rightly brag about their "million dollar view."

View from Murphy's Blueberry Farm
Looking just a shade east of south

View from Murphy's Blueberry Farm
Looking almost due south

1 comment:

JihadGene said...

It is beautiful. Reminds me some of Germany.