Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Hero du jour

Professor Ian Plimer

He's an Aussie geologist and he believes anthropogenic global warming to be (according to James Delingpole, author of Meet the man who has exposed the great climate change con trick) "a dangerous, ruinously expensive fiction, a ‘first-world luxury’ with no basis in scientific fact."

Professor Plimer says:
‘I’m a natural scientist. I’m out there every day, buried up to my neck in sh**, collecting raw data. And that’s why I’m so sceptical[sic] of these models, which have nothing to do with science or empiricism but are about torturing the data till it finally confesses. None of them predicted this current period we’re in of global cooling. There is no problem with global warming. It stopped in 1998. The last two years of global cooling have erased nearly 30 years of temperature increase.’

Computer models are subject to the old GIGO law: Garbage In Garbage Out. Not only do they fail to predict the future, they don't even predict the past.

The article describes, in part, the progress or lack thereof of the Australian version of Cap-and-Trade and how its likely failure to pass the upper house may well spell the dissolution of the Rudd government.

It is also a promo for Professor Plimer's book: Heaven and Earth
Reading Plimer’s Heaven And Earth is at once an enlightening and terrifying experience. Enlightening because, after 500 pages of heavily annotated prose (the fruit of five years’ research), you are left in no doubt that man’s contribution to the thing they now call ‘climate change’ was, is and probably always will be negligible. Terrifying, because you cannot but be appalled by how much money has been wasted, how much unnecessary regulation drafted because of a ‘problem’ that doesn’t actually exist. (South Park, as so often, was probably the first to point this out in a memorable episode where Al Gore turns up to warn the school kids about a terrible beast, looking a bit like the Gruffalo, known as ManBearPig.)

Go read the entire article and then see about getting Prof. Pilmer's book.

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