Friday, July 17, 2009

Bolt Hole Morning: July 17, 2009

I got woken up by a DUCK today. Well, a duck and lots of little red squirrels. First understand that the Bolt Hole is not near any water except for two creeks about a quarter mile away and lots of puddles of standing water in the woods. Yet, the distinct "QUACK" of a duck, probably a mallard, was heard from my bedroom window. By the time my head registered what my ears had heard, however, it was gone.

As to the red squirrels, there are four or five of the little buggers chittering at each other (and probably the duck) each day. They're small but noisy little guys. Probably from this year's litter. Earlier in the year I couldn't even find one when I went looking, now they're everywhere. And with fewer pine trees around the cabin to hang out in, they are more contentious. At least they haven't invaded the cabin...yet.


Got a note from my wife's cousin and my fishin' and huntin' buddy, Joe, about his daughter's Appalachian Trail trek:
It's not going to happen this year. The trail was so muddy and washed out they came home last week. They made it to the top of Mt.. mooselock,or something like that, and decided it wasn't fun any more. She'll attempt the whites and Maine next year.

So the cool and very wet New England summer has claimed another casualty. Jenn is getting married this fall and hoped to have completed the trail before the nuptials. She hiked the southern portion of the trail, with her mom teaming up with her much of the way, last summer. Her dad was going to join her for the grand finale of Katahdin in Maine.


A comfortable 58 degrees at 6:30 AM today. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers this morning according to the weather quacks. Might get up to 75 if the sun appears more frequently.


Finishing my second mug of coffee as I listen to red squirrels and wait for the grass to dry a bit. Then it's time to grub out some more honeysuckle from the edge of the yard. Later.


Willow Witch said...

How cool to wake up to a duck instead of an alarm clock! Took a tour around your blog, very nice. Comment on the butterflys, Ive noticed that the milk weed is kind of a head of schedule, I am thinking this will hurt the population further because the butterflys are ususally doing their cocoon's in Sept. right around the time the kids go back to school. Weather this year has just been strange... Have a great day there in PA!

joated said...

As if to mock my report of their disappearance, a solitary monarch fluttered along the side of the road while I was working outside this morning.