Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back at the Aerie, July 19, 2009

Packed up the Tundra this morning and headed on back to the Aerie. I've been taking the NYS Thruway west to Rt 14 (about MP 343) and then Route 14 south through Geneva to Watkins Glen and finally to Route 17 (aka I-86). Normally it's a nice leisurely ride along the west shore of Seneca Lake. And, for the most part, so it was this lovely Sunday morning.


Geneva was hosting the Musselman Triathelon today and the running portion of the competition crossed Route 14 in the neighborhood of Williams and Hobart College...twice. Crossing guards were in place to stop the traffic and allow the runners to cross the road without breaking stride. I've no problem with that. All of the folks running looked to be in agony anyway.

Then there were the wine tasters making the tour of the numerous wineries along the stretch from Geneva to Watkins Glen. Tour buses would come to a dead stop at the railroad crossings despite the lights not flashing at the gates. Must be a rule I'm unaware of. And then there was the driver who was pulling out of one winery (possibly after partaking in a few). I could see him sitting at the end of the driveway on the east side of the road from over a quarter mile away. No one on the road but me and a couple of cars behind me heading south. He sits, and sits and sits some more and then pulls out less than 100 feet in front of me to head south at a speed that forced me to apply my breaks or climb up his tailpipe. A quarter mile later I got the opportunity to pass him and did. Just before he pulled into another winery on the west side of the road.

Finally got to Watkins Glen about 1 PM to discover it was crawling with people and vehicles. They were hosting their town-wide Wine Festival. *sigh*

I should have stopped at one of the wineries to "sample" a few.


Still, I made it home in pretty good time and in one piece.

Terry took me around the gardens to show me what's ripening and what's been 'et. (Something has nipped off the tops of the tallest marigolds...just as they were about to flower, yet left the beans, cukes and tomatoes alone. No sign of any deer tracks.) There were enough string beans for her to serve up a batch with dinner tonight and blanch and freeze two scant quart bags as well.

Lots of tomatoes on the bushes but nothing showing any red yet. Some cucumbers (Straight 8 and gerkin variety) are growing nicely. Lots of little zucchini, too, although the plants' leaves are awfully pale. I get the feeling that if we have a week or so of 80 degree weather we could see things busting out all over.


Rev. Paul said...

If you'd stopped at one of the wineries, you might not have made it home in one piece.

I, for one, am glad you did.

JihadGene said...

Fresh grown tomatoes are the best! The ones you buy in the store have no aroma, no taste.

vipergirl said...

How come Terry never goes to the Bolt Hole with you?