Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bolt Hole Morning: July 18, 2009

A raw, chilly day here at the Bolt Hole. The rains moved in around 2 PM yesterday and it has been falling off and on since then. Current conditions are very overcast skies with a temperature of just 64 degrees at 9 AM. Feels much colder, however.


I spent seven hours yesterday lopping up several honeysuckle bushes to the east of the yard and hauling the debris off to the dump site in the woods nearby. Then took the Tundra over to the garage where I used a tow rope and chain to pull the root systems of the honeysuckle I had cut over there. I even pulled out a couple of honeysuckle bushes I hadn't cut down and hauled that debris away. The roots are still stacked there as they contained lots of soil and I would like to keep that where it belongs. The rain, eventual sunshine and gravity should shake it loose.

I found the soil so loose from the extensive root systems that were in pulled out that is wasn't difficult to dig and rake a shallow trench off to the west that should help drain snow melt away from the front of the garage next spring. There's still more grading to do but that will have to wait. It's much too wet to go mucking about in the mud.

I keep forgetting how different the soil conditions are around the Bolt Hole clearing as compared to those at the Aerie. At the Aerie nothing short of dynamite and a six-foot steel bar would have let me dig an 10-12 inch deep 12-foot long trench. Even then it would have taken a whole lot longer than a half hour!


I'll spend the afternoon house cleaning before getting ready to head back to the Aerie on Sunday.

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JihadGene said...

It's been over 102 for 6 days in a row here. I'll trade ya.